Як працуюць спецслужбы

Чаму міліцыя дазваляе існаванне экстрэмісцкіх груповак? Якія механізмы правядзення палітычных рэпрэсій супраць радыкалаў? Чаго сілавікі страшацца найбольш? Аб гэтым і многім іншым – у маім новым аналітычным відэа.

Не забудзьцеся падпісаца на ютуб-канал “Radix” і паставіць галачку аб апавяшчэннях (цісніце “падпісацца” а потым званочак пад відэа).

Catalonian anarchists on a march of Independence

Catalonian anarchists on yesterday’s rally of independence, which gathered more than 1 mln people. Illustration of a best political strategy for anarchists: where people are, there we should be, pushing our ideas, instead of mumbling of how one or another protest is “non-anarchist” or “not suitable for participation”.
Каталонскія анархісты на ўчорашнім маршы за незалежнасць, які сабраў больш за 1 міліён чалавек. Добрая ілюстрацыя таго, што дзе людзі – там павінны быць мы, прасоўваючы сваю павестку і свае ідэі. А не бурчаць пакрыўджана ў куточку аб “няправільнасці” і “неанархічнасці” таго ці іншага пратэсту.

What we see and what we want to see

Terrorist attacks performed by Muslims, gather 357% (!!!) more attention by the press then any others – says the research of scholars from Alabama.

Also, between 2008 and 2016 white nationalists in US performed almost twice more attacks, than islamists. But well, all post-soviet conservatives, nazis, racists (many liberals also, btw) still live in a myth of “refugees-terrorists who blow up Europe”. People love their image of the world so much that do not want to get rid of it even when all the facts say the opposite.


For my English-speaking friends

Yesterday in Belarus: searches in a biggest non-state media and in houses of journalists. 7 arrested, 3 of them detained. Official accusation: “An unauthorised acces to an information” from a state media-agency (LOL). Up to 2 years in prison.
Today in Belarus: search on a house of independent journalist Paulyuk Bykowski. Opposition activist Genadz Padalnicki forcibly put in Psychatric.

Some updates for my English-speaking friends

Shortly about how I survived the recent days.

As all of you know, at 30th of June an informal anarchist meeting in the woods near Krupki (Minsk region) was attacked by Belarusian SWAT and 17 of us spent 5-6 hours on a grass laying face down (some were also handcuffed) when heavy armed cops searched our personal belongings. You can read about it here.

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ІДІЛ у Індыі/ISIS in India


Пахаванне аднаго з лідараў ІДІЛ у Індыі. Паглядзіце на людзей: што мусіла рабіць з імі дзяржава, каб ісламіст, галаварэз, стаў для іх героем, а ягоная смерць – трагедыяй?

Увогуле бачыцца што ІДІЛ, відавочна, робіцца найбольш разгалінаванай глабальнай радыкальнай альтэрнатывай сучаснаму светапарадку. Дастаткова паглядезць колькі высілкаў урады марнуюць на пошук і вынішчэння сяброў арганізацыі па ўсім свеце. Думаю (і я не арыгінальны ў гэтай думцы) што з тактычнай паразай ІДІЛ у Сірыі і Іраку яе сапраўдная гісторыя толькі пачынаецца.


Funerals of one of the ISIS leaders in India. Look at these people. What government shoud be doing there for tens of years to reach such a reslut: hundreds percieve the islamist as a hero, and his death, hence, as a tragedy.

In general, it looks like ISIS becomes the strongest and the most branched global(!) radical alternative to a modern world order, concerning how much efforts governments make to fight them. It means that their ideology is really demanded in a 3rd World countries. I think (and I am onot original with this thought) that with death or tactical defeat of ISIS in Syria\Iraq, its true story just begins.

Pics via Directorate4

Left are the enemies of the freedom

Left are the enemies of the freedom

At June, 14 the EP adopted a resolution in support of Oleg Sentsov, Alexandr Kolchenko (btw, our anarchist comrade), and other Ukrainians, illegaly detained in Russia as political prisoners. 76 members of EP voted against this resolution. Who are they? What a surprise! We see French National Front, Bulgarian Socialist Party, German Die Linke, Greek Syriza and Golden Dawn in a same boat!

Well, how spectacular is the fact that leftists and neofaschists have united in European parliament in their ardent love to Putin.

And how hypocratic they are! European left carry SO MUCH about gay righs in other countries, about children in Syria, about police violence in USA, but… Putin annexing other countries, torturing and killing Ukrainians in prisons – no problem with it. Let’s support him, why not.

Who of the European left rised their voice when TENS OF RUSSIAN ANARCHISTS were recenly tortured with electric teasers in order to trump up a fake terorist case (“The Network”)? Who said a single world? Noone! And now they are even try to prevent EP to say a words in a support of Sentsov, Kolchenko and other victims of Putin regime.

For those who still hesitates, it is a lesson, showing that the left are the enemies of freedom. Expecially I am sure that most of the Euproean left, since the time of Comintern, are directed by a KGB-FSB and act as a 5th column of USSR\Russia on the West. Hence, they can not be our allies. Long live anarchy and fuck all bosses, no matter how red they are. This is it.


The Colours of the Parallel World in Stockholm

On upcoming Saturday Stockholm anarchist bookfair will hold a presentation (16th in succession) of my book “The Colours of the Parallel world’ – a gathering of essays, dedicated to anarchist analysis of Belarusian prison system. I am happy to invite you there, and will be even more happy if you invite your friends from Stockholm on this event 🙂


В грядущую субботу на анархистской книжной ярмарке в Стокгольме пройдет презентация – уже 16-я по счету – моей книги “Цвета параллельного мира” (на английском языке). Книга – сборник эссе с анархистским анализом беларуской тюремной системы. Я рад пригласить всех, кто имеет возможность, придти туда. А еще больше буду рад, если вы пригласите своих друзей из Стокгольма на этот ивент 🙂