Just in order for you to understand the level of Russian imperialism

Cremlin “journalist” and a high-scale propagandist Dmitry Kiselev in his resent broadcast said that “if Belarus is going to tear down the alliance with Russia, there will be no Belarus anymore”.
And, not surprisingly, in Russia such a saying is not even newsworthy. Because it totally fits into colonial narrative, according to which Putin has a moral right to start wars on a postsoviet area just to keep minor states tied to “mother-Russia”.

A year passed already

A year passed since the English version of “The colours of the parallel world” was issued!

Now it is available for purchase in Dresden, Praha, Helsinki and Geteborg (https://radicalbook.tilda.ws/books). And also available for download here: https://radicalbook.tilda.ws/colours. And once again I say thank you to to all who participated in translation, editing and publishing!


It is interesting to see that Egyptian authority thinks much like Belarusian one do.

I remember the case, somewhere around 2006, Belarusian authorities insisted that pop-band “Kraski” (“The Paints”) should not sing their song “Orange sun” during the tour. Why? Because just a few month ago so-called “Orange revolution” occured in Kiyv, Ukraine. And singing about Orange sun may, certainly, ignite Belarusians to a revolutionary deeds )))

Recent adventures (hashtag)

The cops from the Anti-extremist department, after monitoring my FB-page, started an administrative case case against me on “Public demonstration of nazi symbolics’. The original post which draw their attention: https://www.facebook.com/happymikola/posts/308505772833788

The content of this publication – criticizing some persons (quite famous in Belarus) for standing along with nazis from “Misantropic division” group. Apparently, for proving my words, I demonstrate the pictures where these persons do so. And here it is – an administrative case 🙂 The case is already sent to the court. As far as I see, no sentence yet.

Important to say, this is the second case of such a type against me. In July I was arrested by the riot cops near my house, brought to a police station and in 2 hours – to a court, where I was fined with the same article.

It’s apparent that cops purposely scan my FB page, searching on whether they can punish me with a most derogatory article possible. By the way, few weeks ago an antifascist comrade from Grodno was arrested and punished for a same article: for posting online a swastica put in a thrash bin. That’s how state “anti-extremism” works 🙂

I will keep you informed.

Ты не пройдешь! \ You shall not pass!

На сённяшнім судзе над Зміцерам Паліенка.

During today’s court trial against Zmitser Palienka.


Сёння спаўняецца 29 год украінскаму анархісту Аляксандру Кольчанка. 4,5 гады ён, абвінавачаны ў тэрарызме, у засценках Расійскай імперыі. Сядзець яшчэ 5,5. Але галоўнае, што ўсе мы ведаем, хто сапраўдны тэрарыст.
Today is a Birthday of Ukrainian anarchist Alexandr Kolchenko. He is imprisoned by Russian empire, being accused in terrorism, for 4,5 years already. And 5,5 years are behind. But we all know, who is the real terrorist.

Thoughts about Michail Zhlobitskiy

Thoughts about Michail Zhlobitskiy, the anarchist comrade who blew himself up in a special service office month ago. Who he was, why he did what he did and what can we do to be worth of his sacrifice.
Thanks Thomas Campbell for the translation!

Thanks Trump for protecting us!

Свабода слова каштоўная\ Free speech is a value

The right for free speech is one of the fundamental values for human beings. For any dictatorship, when it comes to power, media are among the first institutions it puts under control. During 24 years of the dictatorship Belarusian journalists are emong those, who continue to fight the censorship, oppose the state propaganda and undermine authoritatianism.

Today, in International day in support of journalism, we feel the need to remind about it once again. Belarus will be free!


Права на свабоду слова – адно з фундаментальных правоў чалавека. Любая дыктатура, калі прыходзіць да ўлады, у першую чаргу захоплівае кантроль над СМІ. Падчас 24 год лукашэнкаўскай дыктатуры беларускія журналісты – сярод тых, хто працягвае змагацца з цэнзурай, супрацьстаяць дзяржаўнай прапагандзе і падрываць аўтарытарызм.

Сёння, у Міжнародны дзень падтрымкі журналістаў, лічу патрэбным яшчэ раз нагадаць аб гэтым. Беларусь будзе вольнай!


The suicide bombing of Archangelsk anarchist prompted many Russian journalists to show their true face. The “Novaya Gazeta”, which has a reputation of an opposition and anti-Putin newspaper, issued an ugly text condemning Michail Zhlobitskiy and political “terrorism”. I have written a response, protecting the honor of our comrade. Thanks to Thomas Campbell for the translation.