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The Athens Exarchia dictrict considered to be a stronghold of the anarchists. It is a space, where squats are standing one by one, and cops try to avoid getting there. It used to be like that for decades, but last few month a government started a large-scale attack on this ungoverned enclave.

On a video Greek comrade says briefly, what is the case, and shows that the spirit of the Athens anarchists is far from being broken.

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Афінскі раён «Экзархія» лічыцца аплотам анархістаў. Гэта месца, дзе сквот стаіць на сквоце, а паліцыя стараецца лішні раз туды не заглядаць. Так было дзесяцігоддзямі, але апошнія некалькі месяц урад пачаў буйнамаштабную атаку на гэты непадкантрольны анклаў. На відэа таварыш з Грэцыі коратка кажа, у чым справа і сведчыць аб тым, што дух афінскіх анархістаў — не зламаць.

How does state intelligence works?

Watch my video, dedicated to a mechanism of the state repressive apparatus!

Why state persecutes radicals? Why it persecutes anarchists more than anyone? What are the concrete aims of the repression and can we avoid the state violence? All answers in my newly dubbed video!


Five-hour podcast — done!

Political Juice is one of the few English-speaking youtube-channels I follow. Today I have just finished the 5-hour podcast done by author. He speaks about such movement as «groypers» who are the extreme antisemitic wing of the conservative movement, and also speculates about the reasons people adhere to a identity politics. He thinks that it is a result of an atomisation and a decline of traditional family and civil society. Hence they decline, people tend to attach themselves to a groups based on skin color (altright, groypers), gender (feminists, trans people) or even combination of a characteristics (e.g. «black feminists»).
Of cause, these conclusions and observations are relevant only for the USA politics.

Author himself is a «classical liberal\conservative» and for sue is biased also, but I love his argumentation and the way he tries to analyze things. Anyhow, the podcast would be nice but only for hardcore fans of politics 🙂

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Раю вам файны пяцігадзінны падкаст ад Juice box — аднаго з нямногіх англамоўных ютуб-каналаў, за якімі я сачу.

У падксце аўтар расказвае пра такі рух як «groypers» («гройперы»?) – антысеміты і ультрадэмагогі на крайне правым фланзе кансерватараў, а таксама разважае аб тым чаму, на ягоны погляд, людзі ў ЗША так актыўна ідуць у рухі і арганізацыі, што грунтуюцца на ідэнтычнасці (ЛГБТ, феміністкі, альтрайт і г.д.) Па ягоным меркаванні гэта — следства ўпадку традыцыйнай сям’і, якая давала чалавеку сацыяльнае асяроддзе.

Канешне, высновы і назіранні аўтара карысныя толькі для палітыкі ЗША, бо у нас зусім іншы кантэкст. Сам жа Juce boy (так ён сябе заве) прылічвае сябе да «кансерватараў\класічных лібералаў».

Паслухаць вельмі цікава, хаця і доўга. Карацей, для самых хардкорных аматараў палітыкі 🙂

Few words about your everyday live

«Creation and production come to mean sold activity. A mans activity is “productive”, useful to society, only when it is sold activity. And the man himself is a productive member of society only if the activities of his daily life are sold activities. As soon as people accept the terms of this exchange, daily activity takes the form of universal prostitution».

“The reproduction of everyday life” by Freddy Perlman. 1969

Extremisim in Belarus


Belarusian authoritarian state have found a brand new instrument to fight dissidents: label all of them “extremists”. Since last years, the repressive apparatus of Lukashenko developed sophisticated legislature and media discourse aiming to prove that everyone who criticizes the state in a radical way are “extremists” and almost terrorists. Specific efforts are put in criminalizing anarchists.

Recently I have dubbed in English my video “extremism in Belarus”, which reveals the abovementioned process.

Does it work the same way in your country?

Police shows up on a feminist festival in St.Petersburg. Reason – a complaint, filed by “anti-gay activist”. Russian authority is so eager to preserve “morality” and “traditional values” that even decriminalized home violence some time ago. So there is nothing surprising that feminism poses threat to them.

Feminists vs. Police in Petersburg

Anarchist Black Cross-Belarus calls for solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Nikita Yemelyanov.

You can either transfer money in support of the activist, or perform a solidarity action.

More detailed info here.

Look how much resources (e.g. money, vehicles, human resources) does US authority spend on not letting people from the neighbor countries get into US. The degree of a violence, allowed to private structures to perform during this “mission” is also impressive.

In US poverty line income is 38 000 usd a year. That’s it for today. *crying in Belarusian*

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У ЗША даход, за якім пачынаецца мяжа беднасці – 38 000 долараў у год. У мяне ўсё *плача па-беларуску*.

«ISIS’s insurgency will grow because areas it has lost in Iraq and Syria are still neither stable nor secure»

As I was stressing numerous times, all statements of both Russian military and Trump about the defeat of ISIS is nothing but lies and propaganda. Until the social preconditions of the ISIS insurgency will not be eliminated, the ISIS guerilla activity will increase. It is enough to know that the Islamic state alone (not considering other Jihadist groups) has as many as 30 000 fighters in Iraq and Syria by now. Read the short report regarding the topic.